Our team

Naš timWe want to work with the best.

That is why we always strive to create a zestful atmosphere that enables optimal professional development along with a dynamic environment and realization of personal ambitions.

At the same time, we carefully nurture the culture of teamwork because of the synergy that combined potentials bring.

We have created a dynamic work environment that provides opportunities for practical and theoretical training, professional development and advancement.

We want to build a succesfull team that works well together, proud to be part of the IPTV team – number one Internet multimedia search engine in the EX-YU region!

How to become one of our dealers?

Postanite saradnikInvesting in the development and improvement of our resources is an important part of our business team.

If you want to join the winning team of an IP Television that is number one in the Ex-Yu region, please fill out our job application

Each application is carefully analyzed in detail and only the short listed candidates whose qualifications match available job position criteria will be included in the selection process.

We are an equal opportunity employer that applies fairness and merit criteria in the evaluation, remuneration, motivation and career development of our employees.

Step into the future with us!

We are looking for dealers/distributors worldwide.

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sample: +144106736

sample: +144106736