What is the NetTV Plus?

NetTV Plus is digital TV provider over the internet, with goal to allow our countrymen from abroad to stay in touch with home country. Our offer makes favorite ex Yugoslavian TV channels and radio stations easy to access over the internet, whenever and anywhere in the world.

About Us

O namaThe company NetTV Plus has been on the market since 2008. as the leading OTT platform. For our users we provide innovative and advanced services based on the latest technologies.

We offer an innovative spirit, and constantly develop new technological solutions for the benefit of users.

For our customers from abroad, we provide a simple and easy way to access channels from ex-YU region.

In addition to a large selection of ex YU TV channels, NetTV Plus is an IP telephony operator.

NetTV Plus now employs about 50 people and in addition to full-time employees has a network of experts, consisting of more than 200 people worldwide.

NetTV Plus is a member of United Group, which includes telecommunications leading companies in the former Yugoslav states.