IDJTV – new music TV channel in our offer from 15th November!

Watch 24/7 your favorite music videos, artists and various TV shows on the new music TV channel in our offer! The highest quality picture, top quality production and musical TV shows that will push the boundaries are only part of what is really expected!

You can enjoy great music content and watch IDJTV whenever you want also with IDJ App. Download for free IDJ App for your iOS or Android device. Easy access to the biggest local music catalogue in one place and always be up to date with the best music videos!

In dependance of the user interface language position of the IDJTV channel is:

Serbian – 10;
Bosnian – 8;
Croatian – 24;
Montenegrin – 19;
Macedonian – 39;
Slovenian – 15;
English – 209.

Make a payment via SWISH and watch TV channels immediately!

To make payments easier for all our customers in Sweden we activated the SWISH payment system for purchasing or renewing subsciption plans.

All you need to make a purchase is our SWISH number: 1230509505.

Enter the above mentioned number and specify the name of the customer for which you are making a payment. The AVR Media Group AB will appear as the receiving party and after confirmation a payment is completed and it’s visible to us in the same second.

A fast, easy and secure way to our services!

Holiday promotion – KLARNA

Klarna promotionThe Christmas and New Year holidays are coming! In cooperation with KLARNA, we decided to enable installment purchase of box packages with no interest, for all potential users!

Order your box with any package in the period from 1st November, 2016 until 1st January, 2017 and repayments will begin in February (end of January in Sweden).

If your purchase via Klarna is approved, the entire amount is divided into a number of months of repayment. Installments are determined with how many months of subscription you selected. For example, if you decided to purchase box and package with an annual subscription, the full amount will be divided into 12 monthly installments.

Offer is valid for new customers from the territory of Sweden, Finland and Norway. For more information visit Holiday promotion – KLARNA.

Watch new reality show „Snajke“ 24 hours live!

NetTV PlusWith our service you can watch new reality show „Snajke“ 24 hours a day on two new channels Reality 1 and Reality 2!

16 women will live in a house that reflects the actual Serbian household where they will compete and learn, clean and cook, light up fire – all that to be the right doughter in low. They are looking for the perfect groom, who will find him first, find out with our service!

For all customers, this channels are available for free inside a package. 

Triple offer is extended until 09th October!

Become our customer and take advantage of this super offer! Buy box at half price and watch your favorite TV channels one month for free!

Beside this fantastic offer you get also a 3 months free subscription for your smartphone or tablet device!

Enjoy over 200 of the most popular ex YU TV channels, wherever you are. With catch up TV option you can watch any of the TV shows you missed in the past 7 days, whenever you want. 

Europe 75.90 EUR
Switzerland 94.5 CHF
Scandinavia 827.5 SEK / 700 DKK / 770 NOK / 91.5 EUR
USA 89.5 USD
Canada 96 CAD
Australia & New Zealand 111.5 AUD / 148 NZD

Offer is valid until 09th October, 2016 for new customers with 24 months contract and with annual subscription. If you were recommended by someone, please tell us who it was during the activation process so both you and your friend can be entitled to a month's free subscription.

For more information please contact our call center.