FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is NetTv Plus?

NetTV Plus is the latest generation of IP television, which allows you to watch more than 200 ex YU TV channels. This is a television that you can access wherever you have a high-quality internet connection speeds at least 5Mbps.

Why do I need to have internet connection to watch television through your service?

Because our service is actually IP television. The advantage of this service is that you can use internet connection from any internet service provider and trough our service, we allows you to watch TV channels.

How can I use NetTV Plus service?

You can use NetTV Plus service on the following devices:
- Desktop and laptop device via NetTV Plus PC player;
- Smartphone devices and tablets via NetTV Plus Android or iOS App;
- On your TV via NetTV Plus box;
- Smart TV’s via NetTV Plus App.

Where can I see the channel offer?

For all potential NetTV Plus users, we give an oportunity to try out our service 7 days for free before they decided to purchase the desired package.

I applyed for a trial period but my player is not activated yet. What should I do?

A trial period will be activated within 24 hours after an application submission and in most cases even before then. If you did not receive any call from our operators within 24 hours, please contact us by email office@nettvplus.com or call one of our phone numbers.

Can I also use your service in other country?

Yes, you can use our service anywhere in the world, except on the territory of the former Yugoslav republics.

How many devices can one NetTV Plus account simultaneously stream on?

In dependence for which package you subsribed, you can use our service on 1, 2 or 4 devices in the same time. Within each package you can activate our service on the most 6 devices.

Does the TV program broadcast a live?

Yes, everything is broadcast a live. You can watch all TV content live or 7 day rewind.

Can I record a TV program?

Currently, there is no recording option on our box, because we have a catch up TV option which allows you to watch all missed TV program on all or certain TV channels, depending on your package.

I missed a last „Zvezde Granda“ show. How can I watch it again?

It’s very simple. With catch up TV option you will not miss your favorite TV content. It’s necessary to choose desired TV channel, date and TV show you want to watch. After confirming action, you will play the show from begining.

I’m living in America and because of the time difference, I can’t watch „Dnevnik“. Is there any solution?

NetTV Plus is thinking on customers from US, Canadian and Australian markets. You can watch TV program live or time-delayed. What does it means? Simply, press the yellow button on your remote control and you can switch from live to time-delayed program.

How can I become a customer?

If our service satisfied your expectations, you can decide to purchase package that is right for you. Our offer is based on BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM package.

How can I know which package is right for me?

In dependence on how many devices you want to use our service in the same time, or want to enjoy in catch up TV option on all TV channels and have access VOD service, you can decide for buying BASIC, STANDARD or PREMIUM package.

Is there any contractual obligation?

There is no contractual obligation. You can cancel our service at any time you want.

How can I subscribe to desired package?

You can do the payment directly on our website via credit card (Visa, Master, Maestro), to bank account or in one of our sales places. You can see addresses and phone numbers on our contact page.

How long does it take to activate the service until payment?

If you do the payment via credit card on our website, service activation will be made within 1-2 hours if payment is made during working hours. If you do the payment to a bank account it’s necessary to send us copy of receipt on email or via fax. If you come directly to our shop and purchased package, activation will be done immediately.

Is my box covered under warranty?

Your box is covered under warranty as long as your subscription with us remains active.

What happens if my box breaks down?

If your box breaks down, please contact our technical support team or our general office where you purchased the box.

What is the code for XXX channels?

The code for XXX channels on the NetTV Player is 1234. The code for XXX channels on the NetTV box is 123.