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Klarna – buy box with any package
with interest-free installments!

A Summer campaign which you cannot resist! Order our services between 1.06 and 31.07 and start with your payment in August!

Enjoy your vacation, and start paying once you get back! The summer campaign is valid just for customers from Sweden, while customers from Norway can apply for the classic purchase.

You can purchase package under standard conditions or discounted offer.

If your purchase via Klarna is approved, the entire amount is divided into a number of months of repayment. Installments are determined with how many months of subscription you selected. For example, if you decided to purchase box and package with an annual subscription, the full amount will be divided into 12 monthly installments.

In any case, you will be notified from Klarna about the dynamics and method of repayment, which means that you have the possibility to create a best suited method for you.

If you want to order your box package via Klarna, it's necessary to fill out a form below.

Klarna application

By filling out the below listed form, you agree to purchase NetTV Plus service via Klarna. After sending request, you will receive a reply regarding your application within 24 hours, regardless if it was accepted or denied by Klarna terms of use. The answer will be send by e-mail.

If your request is approved, NetTV Plus will send your order within two working days at the requested address.

All the information entered in the form is completely secure, and hidden from other users. It will not be transferred by any means to third parties not associated with NetTV Plus or Klarna.